Saturday, 24 August 2013

all the way from russia - the singingoffkeys!!

Amongst some recent finds searching through old photographs, were these snaps of a barbershop quartet l used to be in called The Singingoffkeys ('All the way from Russia').  There is a club near to where we lived called The Travaux that we used to play football for, and they used to have a barbershop singing competition every year.  As a laugh, myself and three mates decided to enter it, but to liven it up, we did comedy routines along with the singing, as there was no way we could take it seriously.  The above photograph features our dirty old men flashing routine, but we also dressed in nappies and danced like babies (amongst other delights).  Anyhows, we ended up winning it every year, as the audience voted for their favourite act, so the (old and disgruntled) organisers of the competition got upset with our impertinence and cancelled it, leaving us as undefeated champions.  I think the trophy is still on display at The Travaux, and l'll check it out the next time l go there (whenever that will be).  As for the other members of the quartet, say hello to Frenchie (Peter French), Lammy (Paul Lambert) and Rocker (Mark Rye).  I am the good looking one in the coloured undies.

toodle pip

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