Saturday, 6 July 2013

t.rex at the georgian theatre (again)

I went along to The Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond tonight to see T.Rex.
Obviously it was the current version without Marc Bolan (or Mickey Finn nowadays), but still containing Paul Fenton on drums.
This was the second time l have been to see them at the Georgian, and it was pretty much like the first time. It's enjoyable, with rockier versions of the songs (including drum, organ and guitar solos - AAAHHHHH!!!!!), but l preferred it last time, as l liked Rob Benson (the previous singer) better.
That's not to say l didn't think much of Jay Spargo, the new frontman, as he did a pretty impressive facsimile of Marc'c vocals, but Benson was more of a hippie, and that appealed to my childhood leanings, especially when Benson performed the acoustic songs.
On a side note, l was surprised to be stopped on the way out by a girl who was celebrating her 40th and had recognised me from this blog, which she had stumbled across while googling for T.Rex (as you do).
I thought she was going to tell me some unpleasant news at first, as the conversation started with "I hate to tell you this, but....", which usually doesn't end well, but the news turned out to be complimentary.
Phew! Another close call.
Next stop - Jisum at J.T's tomorrow. No sleep till bedtime.

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