Monday, 29 July 2013

the stockton weekender

Well. l'm now back from the Stockton Weekender 2013 (as it is now called), and had a splendid old time. I stayed at Robbo and Kerry's house in Nunthorpe as they were away at a wedding on the Saturday, and even caught a bus into Middlesbrough town centre, as one was just about to set off when l was heading towards the train station (due to the anticipated drinking, driving for me was a no no). The journey to the venue was staggered as it was broken up with visits to some fine and upstanding hostelries along the way, along the mainly very deserted streets, and The Don pub overlooking the far end of the venue became a second home in between bands. As for them, Spiritualized were better than l hoped for, and Primal Scream had the crowd a rockin' (even with some new songs thrown in).  However, for me, Dexy's Midnight Runners (now just Dexys) were the highlight, as l thought there new material might not go down so well, and was half expecting items to be thrown at them, but the crowd loved them. There was a lot of love in the audience that's for sure. Pleasantly surprised that the taxi back to Nunthorpe on both nights was cheaper than it is from Middlesbrough itself, and l now have some nutty drinking buddies in The Don (scarily enough). I recorded some music, but the sound on them is crap, as l was too close to the front. However, if you want to check them out, go here, or just YouTube other peoples videos.
Next up, Richmond Live this weekend - bring it on!

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