Wednesday, 24 July 2013

the old catterick camp cinema

The old Catterick Camp cinema that used to be in Shute road was closed when l arrived here, and the nearest one was in Richmond (which later closed and became a church).
I have however, just seen this. A 1966 programme for the Catterick cinema, which l never knew it was an Essoldo one (they used to be a huge franchise).  Not exactly riveting viewing on offer, although l enjoyed 'Voyage to the bottom of the sea' when l was a kid (on TV).
Nowadays, Richmond has a new cinema at The Station, and very pleasant it is as well (featuring 3D films!!), but l think the old cinemas had more character.
Mind you, nowadays, the smoke, sticky carpets and noise from children would get on my nerves too much.

toodle pip.

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