Monday, 22 July 2013

the cotton bud from my ear

One of these days l am going to deafen myself, as there is nothing l like more than rubbing a cotton bud in my ears (well, there are other things l enjoy more but let's stick to this story), but with the consequence that l sometimes get some bud stuck in my ear.  This happened to me again the other day, and l (once again) had to use tweezers to get the (not so little) bugger out.  That's it above, next to a pound coin, looking all innocent, but it drove me mad when it was lodged in.
No doubt l will be repeating the same behaviour in the not so distant future, and probably with the same outcome ( the sign of a true madman).  There's only going to be one winner, me or the buds (and sadly, l know who my money is on)

toodle pip

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