Sunday, 21 July 2013

the bedale rock festival 1990 programme

I put together the programme for the Bedale Rock Festival in 1990, and although l know you can always look back at the past and want to make changes, this programme just embarrasses me.
It was put together in a rush, using very basic equipment, but that still doesn't excuse the poor layout, spelling mistakes, and all round incompetence that l bought to the table, in my own inimitable style.
Hopefully all the other copies that were in existence have now ceased to be (as the Pythons would say), but mine is still lurking in the spare room, as a constant reminder of my devil may care foolishness.
The cover is the best part, and it's rapidly downhill from then on.
Maybe l should just pretend my brother did it, and absolve myself from blame.

toodle pip

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