Monday, 15 July 2013

humans of new york and american tales

I love New York (they should put that on a t-shirt), and even though it has gone very upmarket since l first started going there many moons ago, there is still plenty to see, and lots of odd characters wandering the streets. Usually l'm one of them.
There's a great blog/webpage/whatever called 'Humans Of New York' which features photographs around and about New York, with some brief statements and viewpoints by those featured, which really emphasis how strange and beautiful the city can be.
It makes you want to gather up your things and head back over there as soon as possible.

Ah, America. So many memories........
Have l ever told the tale of being stopped by customs while carrying Ecstasy tablets in my back pocket (and getting away with it)?
Sniffer dogs getting on the bus at the Mexican/USA border while l was carrying Ecstasy tablets in my back pocket (and once again getting away with it)?
Losing $1,000 in five minutes playing Roulette in Las Vegas?
Prating about at the edge of the Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon and scaring the FPO?
Blagging our way  into a nightclub in New York and drinking $500 bottles of champagne for free?
Watching Manchester United complete the treble in Nevada Smiths (New York) and getting a tattoo to commemorate it?
Trying to find a bar in the Bronx where it was all burning cars, people looking dodgy, and no other tourists about (but with no success)?
Being threatened with murder by a preaching group of fundamental Islamabics in Harlem when l was the only white guy in a huge crowd of onlookers (but obviously surviving)?
Having a wild night in New Orleans that involved, guns, chinese white heroin, and lots (and lots) of drink with dubious individuals?
Sleeping rough for a week in New York and surviving on drink and dubious amphetamines?
Being in BB King's club in Memphis before recording at Sun Studios the next day?
Joshing with Don King in San Antonio and trying to outdraw a cowboy in a bar by The Alamo?
Being offered blowjobs (by girls) and free trips to Atlantic City, and turning the offers down (WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!!!!!)
No wonder l am so old and knackered now.
So many little time.

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