Tuesday, 16 July 2013

following oxford united

Although l am a Manchester United supporter, my family moved in between Oxford and Reading (to RAF Benson) while l was still at school, so l made a decision to follow one of the nearby teams while l was there as a second team, being unable to attend the Manchester United games.
As a friend at school (Hello Jonathan Knapp!) followed Oxford United, we teamed up and went to most of the games together from around 1974 - 1975 time.
I used to cycle to his house in Chalgrove, watch Football Focus (or whatever it was at the time) and then his father would drive us to and from Oxford, as he ran a TV shop there.
Many happy days were spent on the terraces at The Manor Ground, even including seeing Oxford being stuffed by Manchester City (Cup game) and beating Manchester United (when they were in the Second Division).  Oxford actually had a pretty decent home record when l was going, it was just that their away form let them down, so promotion was never a realistic option.
My attendance came to an end when l moved Oop North, as l divided my time between watching Darlington (the new local team) and travelling to Manchester to see United.
Funnily enough, one of the first games at Old Trafford that l went to on arriving Oop North (in 1976), was a FA Cup game against Oxford United (on my own by train).  I must admit, l kind of had divided loyalties that day, as l wanted Oxford to do well, but ultimately, they were still only a second team for me.  Manchester United won 2-1 (with two penalties), so l went home happy, especially after calling in to see relatives in Liverpool and going out for the night there.

toodle pip.

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