Wednesday, 31 July 2013

first of the true believers 'the autobiography of theodore hennessy' - paul charles

A romance story by Paul Charles set in Liverpool at the same time as the rise of The Beatles?  Count me in for some of that.
Theodore Hennessy falls in love with an unavailable woman (guess if he gets her in the end), while he plays in (and promotes) bands, chats to his sister, and closely follows The progress of The Beatles, and their meteoric rise from The Cavern and Hamburg to superstardom, marveling at each new release by them, and their advancements in sound and lifestyle, changing his own as he goes along in their slipstream.
The book was a fine way to while away a sunny day, but it actually went on slightly too much about The Beatles chart positions, and the romance stuff was sometimes sickly. Then again, it was a novel l had never heard of before, and as l picked it up at a charity shop for a pittance, l can't complain that much, especially as l am a fan of The Beatles and there are enough hints about the contents on the cover.

It reminded me of the good old days kicking around Bootle, but despite both being from Liverpool, my parents never owned any Beatles records. It was all Dean Martin, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley in our house (not literally), so it wasn't that bad.

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