Tuesday, 16 July 2013

dodgy drinks at home

This is a picture of some pineapple juice that l left overnight a few days ago, as l had fallen asleep.  I was going to knock it back in the morning, but when l saw how it had all gathered at the bottom, it put me off doing so.
On a related note, l found some cans of lager in the spare fridge a couple of days ago that had been left and forgotten about.  They were only 5 years past their sell by date, so of course l opened one and tasted it, but it was hard for me to tell if it was OK or not, as the first drink of any lager usually tastes crap to me.  It did  fizz open, looked to be alright, and had been kept cold all that time, but as l had days off work ahead of me, l didn't want to risk getting ill, so l ended up pouring the rest of the can away (there are more left) .
Where the hell has my devil may care attitude gone?  Keith Richards would be ashamed of me.

toodle pip

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