Thursday, 4 July 2013

broken dreams - tom bower

Another book l have eventually managed to finish.
I started this ages ago, but then dropped it in the bath, and have been waiting for it to dry out so l could finish the remaining  pages.  They were soggy and then wrinkled (a bit like me) but at least had some use, as they were just about still readable.
Tom Bower has certainly done some investigating (as is his wont), but 'Broken Dreams' is dispiriting reading if you are a fan of old school football and its characters, as so many of them have been dodgy wheeler dealers, and after lining their own pockets with a fast buck at the first opportunity.
The usual suspects are present and correct.  Don Revie, Brian Clough and Harry Redknapp prominent among them, but for me, Ken Bates was the one l have the greatest disliking for, and that is some doing with Revie on the list.
I'm pretty cynical at the best of times, and think most people would be corrupted with the slightest temptation, but it's still depressing and annoying when people are caught out and my cynicism is confirmed.

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