Sunday, 21 July 2013

alan moore - big numbers and pop will eat itself - def con 1 and can you (u) dig it

As the wonderful Pop Will Eat Itself sang in 'Def Con 1' (a song heavily based on 'Watchmen'), "Alan Moore knows the score".
He certainly does, and this is one of the many gems l have recently unearthed (yes....from the ongoing garage saga), signed by the great man himself. It's a shame it's not a signed copy of 'Watchmen', but hey ho, it's still a treasured item.
This is not the whole cover, as my scanner couldn't fit it all on, and (of course) my copy is in great condition, as the dark shadows are just from the scan.
Big Numbers - big book (but not one of his best).
Thinking about it, re-watching the video reminds me that when l first read the 'Watchmen' comics, they actually belonged to the one and only Graham Crabb (from Pop Will Eat Itself'), as he was sharing a squat in Highgate with a mate of mine at the time, and l was crashing there.
Nowadays l sing "Colin Moore knows the score" when l see a lad l know called........yes, you guessed it.
I really need to get a life.

Edit - I just realised. The Alan Moore quote is from another of their songs (Can you (u) Dig it?)
Ah well, any excuse to post another of  The Poppies tunes.

toodle pip

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