Monday, 17 June 2013

the yellow duck sinks in liverpool

No doubt there will be calls for these tours to be banned after the Yellow Duck went down in Liverpool yesterday, but part of the attraction of these tours is the danger involved, and doing something that is exciting and different from everyday humdrum experiences.  Obviously the tours have to be safe, and the vehicles maintained, checked and serviced, but there have been numerous tours of this kind, in Liverpool, on the Thames and elsewhere,  with no fatalities (as far as l know).   There is always going to be some risk, but to ban them completely would be foolish.  There are plenty of other activities that involve risk which aren't banned, and as long as people want to do this kind of activity, they should be allowed to.  However, why they don't have easily accessible life jackets on the roof, plus some kind of external buoyancy to prevent this from happening, beats me.

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