Saturday, 15 June 2013

the bloody grass and the lawnmower

The downside of having a decent garden is having to cut the grass, especially the first cut of the summer.  I actually did this a few weeks ago (and cut the vines from the rabbit run), but the next time l went to cut the grass, the petrol lawnmower started spluttering  a bit, so l put in some oil.  Maybe the wrong oil, maybe too much oil.  Either way, it then stopped working, despite the vigorous and prolonged curses and kickings l administered (the vicious bastard, it's always had it in for me).  I have tried getting the oil out and also had a mate looking at it, but to no avail.  Since my return from Menorca though, l have dropped it off in the hands of Stan the Man, the lawnmower repairer extraordinaire.  He asked me to phone him today to see how he was getting on with it, and he said he has had it up and running, repaired the leaks, got rid of the oil and water, and l should be able to collect it on Tuesday.  Hurrah!!
The bad side of that is, l will then have to crack on with the garden again.

toodle pip

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