Tuesday, 25 June 2013

cutting the bleeding grass (again!)

Well, the lawnmower has eventually been fixed, and l have been able to cut the bleeding grass at long last.  I had already cut it once this year when it was really overgrown, so l was a bit pissed off it had grown so much  again.  I even got a blister on my hand, as the last thing l am used to these days  is hard manual work (soft handed girl that l am).
I also cut some branches off the trees and am going to have a bonfire to burn them all, but l had better make sure Tubbs isn't hiding among the crap, like he was doing today.
Maybe he has had enough of being stuck with me and has got a death wish. He certainly didn't look too happy to be bought back in.
Time to get his mind right, as he needs to know who's boss around these parts (or no carrots for him in the morning).

toodle pip

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