Monday, 17 June 2013

charles saatchi and the nigella lawson row

Charles Saatchi has apparently said today that his argument and throat grabbing with Nigella Lawson that was in the Sunday People yesterday was a playful tiff.  What a lying, full of crap bastard.
The camera can lie, but if he is prepared to treat her like that in public, leaving her in an obviously distressed state afterwards, and then deny it, rather than accepting responsibility and issuing an grovelling apology, what is he prepared to act like when they are alone at home together.
Sadly, l wouldn't be at all surprised if she defends him and stays with him, only to admit to the abusiveness when they eventually split up. She has admitted in the past  that he has a bad temper, and she goes quiet when he 'explodes', but even a multi millionaire can't act like a twat forever and get away with it without some kind of comeback, even if it is only in the form of bad publicity.

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