Sunday, 30 June 2013

calexico at glastonbury festival

Watching some of the Glastonbury Festival highlights yesterday, l was disappointed to see how few people were there to see Calexico.  There may well have been something else on at the same time that took would be fans away, but it must still be frustrating for them playing to so few at such a large festival, after all the work they have put in over the years.
My own view is that they would be a bigger band if they stuck to more of their up tempo tunes, therefore creating a raucous live atmosphere.  On the other hand, part of the reason l like them because of the sometimes haunting mood that they put across.  They seem to be sticking to playing whatever takes their fancy, and if that leads to success or failure, so be it.
Doing things the right way.  I have a lot of admiration for that attitude, but sadly, l can't see them continuing for a lot longer.
As a side note, some of the  the artwork they use on their posters and t-shirts is brilliant, check it out below (although the middle one is an actual Calexico (the place) poster.  Would still look good on a t-shirt though.

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