Friday, 19 April 2013

the american national anthem at boston before the ice hockey

This is the American National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner) before the first game of Ice Hockey played in Boston after the Boston Marathon bombings, between Boston Bruins and  Buffalo Sabres.  The 8 year old that died in the blast was supposedly a Boston Bruins fan.
It's easy to take the piss out of the USA, as it can be so insular, bigoted, narrow minded and optimistic, and waaaaaay too religious for my liking, plus places like Boston gave plenty of money to the IRA  when the troubles were on (which l did not agree with), but their patriotism is also to be commended, and at least when you get into America as an immigrant, you are adopted as an 'Italian American/Greek American/Irish American' or whatever.  The singing of The National Anthem helps forge the bond and encourages all the citizens to believe that wherever they (or their families) originated from, they are all Americans now (The land of the free).  This helps because the Anthem is about the country, unlike the UK one, which gives praise to our rulers (God Save The Queen), which l also don't agree with. There is also the belief by the general populace in America that anybody can become president if they work hard enough, but that is obviously crap of the highest order.
Anyway, the crowd take over the singing, and it is all pretty emotional.
Watch, listen, and rub that itch in your eye.

And as for the UK, here's The Sex Pistols.

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