Monday, 15 April 2013

the strypes on jools holland and dr feelgood on the geordie scene

After the last post featuring female singers who are past the first flush of youth, l thought l would re-affirm my rowdy rock and roll tastes by posting about how great l thought The Strypes were on 'Later With Jools Holland' on Friday evening.  They are between 15 and 17, look about 12 to me, but they have got that swagger, dress sense, haircuts and attitude that gets my old juices flowing (and not in a Jimmy Savile way).
They are obviously in debt to early Rolling Stones, Yardbirds and Dr Feelgood, but they have got it all going on at the moment, and if l was 15 again, l'd be off to see them like a shot.
Funnily enough, l have just received a new Dr Feelgood compilation and DVD, which includes them performing on 'The Geordie Scene' back in 1975, which l skived off school to watch.  Classic stuff indeed, and l hope the DVD is excellent quality, as l already have a bootleg of it, and it was the main reason l wanted the compilation (only £14.99 from Spin!).  At one time, Dr Feelgood were huge.  Their live album (Stupidity) went to no 1, (when it mattered) and they were an escape from most of the crap in the charts at the time, and like The Strypes, were a throwback to early blues and rhythm and blues records.  Throw in some great sweaty and loud live performances (including my first proper concert), with the bug eyed speed freakery of Wilko Johnson, and they were unstoppable   That is, until  punk came kicking the doors down shortly afterwards.  They then appeared ancient, even if they still had the swagger and sound, the image didn't fit with the youthful energy that was everywhere.  Something The Strypes don't have to worry about.  Sadly, Wilko currently has cancer, and not long to live. At least he has certainly left his mark.

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