Tuesday, 9 April 2013

the return of the polyphonic spree

I'd kind of forgotten all about The Polyphonic Spree, until l saw a video of them performing Nirvana's 'Lithium' on The Afterword blog, despite the fact l have three of their CDs and have seen them live.  Maybe this is because they have not had an album out since 2007's 'The Fragile Army' (if you ignore the Christmas album), or maybe it's my crappy memory.  Either way, they are back with a new album in May (Yes It's True) and their new song can be heard below (from Consequence of Sound).

A friend described them as sounding like Beatles psychedelic out-takes when we saw them in Newcastle, but he meant it as a bad thing, whereas l call that high praise indeed.  I'll be looking out for a UK tour later in the year (hopefully with all 22 members), and maybe try to sneak on stage wearing my grandad's old nightgown..  Time to stock up on the acid and ecstasy, and recreate the old days!

toodle pip

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