Monday, 15 April 2013

the madness of the bedroom tax has already started

 This is a letter from Richmondshire District Council to somebody l work with, claiming that there appears to be 5 unused bedrooms in their house, and that the persons Housing Benefit will be reduced.  This person lives with other people and has full time care, 24 hours a day.  She is also on the councils polling information at the same address with the other people, so they should be aware of how many people live in the house and how many bedrooms there are.  Luckily, this is being sorted out for her, but if the councils are making such glaring errors without proper checks at such an early stage of the benefit changes, think of how many others will also be sent letters, stating they might be subject to reductions.  Not everyone has carers to sort the mistakes out, and a lot of the recipients of the letters will be old, confused, worried by them, and may possibly even accept the cuts without protesting, being from the generations that didn't question authority.  If you notice on the letter, the reductions to benefit were to come into effect less than two weeks after the letter had been sent out.  Because of this, there is also the chance that someone might not receive their letter, and the payments would be automatically reduced, possibly without some vulnerable folk noticing until much later.
The bunch of bastards in government are to blame for this, but frankly, they don't give a fuck as long as they can demonise the poor and bang on about the welfare budget and how Labour's mistakes have forced them into the cuts.
All in it together?
Ha!!  Don't make me laugh (my face is still aching from Friday)

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