Saturday, 6 April 2013

the grand national bet

I hardly ever bet, but putting some money on The Grand National makes it that little bit more entertaining, and gives me some interest in it.
I was going to head to the pub for it, but l had been working overnight, was falling asleep at home,and the FPO came back from Tesco's with bottles of wine, so we stayed in for the race, then sat on the doorstep in the sunshine with Tubbs (the idiot rabbit), drinking wine (Tubbs abstained), like a middle class Andy Capp and Flo.
As for my bet, l know bugger all about horses, so l just chose some at random. People said l was a madman to pick such outsiders to win, and of course l wasn't successful,  but the eventual winner (Auroras Encore) was priced at 66-1, so maybe l should have been more daring with my £2 to win bets.
As usual, close, but no cigar.

toodle pip

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