Wednesday, 3 April 2013

the daily mail blames childrens deaths on the welfare state (suprise!)

Once again, The Daily Mail has managed to get in there quick, and use the unfortunate deaths of six children as an excuse to blame the 'Welfare UK' culture of scrounging, workshy spongers, who exploit the system.
I would never argue that some people on benefits abuse the system, and it appears that the family involved in the story may well have done.
However, the 'abusers' are in a small minority, and no matter how much they may abuse the system, it does not turn them into the 'product' of it and into heartless killers.
Blaming the system for these deaths is ridiculous   Others have killed in the past, and have had decent jobs and paid their taxes (Harold Shipman for one), but this is all part of their drip down news and political agenda of stigmatising the poor, whether they are unemployed, ill, live in too large houses, or have too many children.
The killers were bad people, but compare the front page of The Independent, which rightly condemns the father, while highlighting the real tragedy of the children's deaths.
Much as l think Polly Toynbee talks a load  of rubbish sometimes, there was a splendid piece by her a few days ago, highlighting some of this governments agendas, and it's not pretty. Check here if you are interested.
The current government couldn't care less about the poor and disadvantaged, as has been shown by their welfare cuts, bedroom tax, offensive and inflammatory language ('strivers not skivers' etc), and their tax cuts and help to the rich, both individuals and mega rich companies (and that's without their cuts to legal aid).
They have always looked after their own, but this is heading towards the dark days before benefits, the NHS, and decent schooling for all.
Why would they do that?
Call me cynical, but maybe a cheap to employ workforce with hardly any rights?
Bring back means testing, workhouses, flogging and hanging - it's what they want.
Otherwise vote Labour (and l'm meaning old school Labour).

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