Wednesday, 3 April 2013

paul o'grady - at my mothers knee

I picked up this book cheap and second hand (like me), as l had enjoyed Paul O'Grady's follow up book 'The Devil Rides Out - The Second Coming', last year, but must admit, much as l like his media persona, and what little l know of him, the book was disappointing for me.
I'm sure a lot of it must have been interesting (and hard work) for him to write, dealing as it does with a lot of his family background, but l just wasn't that enthralled by his relatives and family tree.
I did enjoy it more towards the end, when he starts coming out, going to the gay bars, and moving to that there London for work (and his subsequent police record).
The last part of the book however, was really moving.  An honest and thoughtful account of his mother and fathers heart attacks, and his reaction to them.  A really moving piece of writing, and with a surprise at the end, which would have been enough by itself to make me want to read the second volume (if l hadn't already done so).
I will however, be looking out for the third one 'The Savage Years', and hope that his own heart doesn't give up in the near future, as he has had some past trouble with that.

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