Wednesday, 10 April 2013

mister lonely ( 2007) - harmony korine

This was a strange film whichever way you look at it, which l am all in favour of, but ultimately, at the end, l felt as though there was something missing.  It looked great, and the storylines were certainly surreal enough for my tastes, but it was just a bit flat and unfulfilling.
There is a slim chance that is how the film is supposed to make you feel at the end, as it concerns stories about faith, hope, and aspiration, that all ultimately turn out to be worthless, but l very much doubt it.
Mister Lonely has two stories running concurrently.
The first concerns a Michael Jackson impersonator, who is living and working in Paris.  He meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, who he then follows to Scotland, to live as part of a commune in a Scottish castle, help build a theatre, and put on 'The Greatest Show on Earth' in it. Did l mention the commune houses other impersonators only, and the Charlie Chaplin one is Marilyn Monroe's partner?  All is sweet and hunky dory at the commune, until Chaplin's dark side presents itself, and the sheep have to put down due to disease.
Is that surreal and dark enough for you?
What about the second story, in which a nun accidentally tumbles from a small aeroplane, and survives the fall, supposedly due to her faith in God while falling.  This leads to other nuns testing and confirming their faith by also leaping out of the plane.  News of this reaches Rome and The Vatican, and the nuns are invited to meet The Pope, but while flying there, the plane crashes into the sea and kills them all.
Did l also mention that there are roles for Samantha Morton, Anita Pallenberg, Richard Strange, James Fox and Werner Herzog (amongst others)? Plus the soundtrack features Jason Pierce from Spiritualized?
That, to me, sounds like one hell of a magnificent movie, but as stated above, something is not right about it, and despite the stupendous ideas behind it, plus some worthwhile performances, it ended up being just a little bit............................well, boring actually.
What a shame.

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