Monday, 8 April 2013

mick jagger when he was cool

My love and admiration for The Rolling Stones has been stated many times, but one of the things that is often overlooked when people talk about them nowadays, is how cool Mick Jagger used to be.  He might well have been an educated and well raised young man, but at one time, he was cool as fuck, and a proper thorn in the side of the establishment.  Keith Richards gets all the plaudits nowadays for being 'Mr Rock and Roll' (with some justification), but Mick more than stood his ground when it was all  fresh, dangerous and exciting, and these are some of my favourite photographs of him.
As for the Glastonbury festival and Hyde Park appearances,  l'd rather remember the band how they used to be, so l'm not going. Christ on a bike, l thought they were old when l saw them in 1982, and that was over thirty years ago.
Mind you, if they did an acoustic show in our local village hall, l'd be there in a jiffy (but that's unlikely, to say the least).
Here's a promotional film for Mick in 'Performance'.

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