Sunday, 21 April 2013

luis suarez at it again

Watching Liverpool's Luis Suarez trying to take a bite out of Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic earlier this evening was one of those football related moments that will be talked about for years, much like the Eric Cantona kung fu kick at Selhurst Park in 1995.
I'm biased (Nooooo!!!) because l support Manchester United, but I can't stand Suarez.  As far as l am concerned, he is a cheating rat faced racist bastard and 100% unlikeable.  I'll admit he is a great footballer, but there is no way l would want him at United, especially after the incidents with Patrice Evra (no angel himself).
As for this evenings bite, he has previous in this department (when he was at Ajax), and if l was to be bitten, he is the last person l would want to do it.  With his teeth, he could eat an apple through a tennis racket and pierce cans without a tin opener.  Something l would pay to see.
No doubt he will apologise ('sincerely'), Liverpool will then fine him and say it has been dealt with internally (fnaar), and he will then expect a ban from the FA, possibly to the end of the season.
l can't see Liverpool getting rid of him, and they will probably release a statement stating that he realises he was wrong, and is working on his issues.  Expect some favourable press soon about his community or charity work, as they try to spin out some spurious reasons to keep him.
At the end of the day (Brian), he is just too valuable an asset for Liverpool to dispense of, much as Cantona was for United.  Cantona did however, change into a well respected elder player.  I can't envisage Suarez doing the same.
On a side note, listening to Graham Souness on Sky Sports pontificating about what a disgrace Suarez was to football was hilarious.  Souness was one of the dirtiest and nastiest players around, and would think nothing about cheating, kicking and stamping on opponents.  The two faced hypocritical twat (and he is a crap football analyst).  Mind you, l wouldn't say that to his face - my one has just recovered from it's last mishap.  I don't need more injuries.

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