Sunday, 7 April 2013

john simm's hanging scene

There was much hilarity in our household this evening, and l assume in many others up and down the country.  We were idly flicking around the TV channels when we stumbled upon the BBC series 'The Village'.
I was just commenting to the FPO that it was all so depressing looking, with the washed out colours and  'it's all so grim' outlook, that the John Simm character was probably going to hang himself with the rope that he was carrying.  Lo and behold, a couple of minutes later, there he was, strung up from a tree, trying to kill himself, as (I assume) the grimness must have got to him.
How unfortunate and sad you may think, but no, quite the opposite in fact.
The look on Simm's face as he was choking was hilarious, cross eyed, with tongue flapping in the breeze.
How we laughed and laughed, pausing the TV, rolling around on the floor gasping for breath (a bit like Simm, but without the cross eyed look), rewinding it back numerous times, and then eventually taking the picture above for posterities sake.
Life doesn't get much better - My ribs and sides are still aching.

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