Sunday, 21 April 2013

fun with washing machines

People that know me, will know that l will avoid all hard manual labour at all costs.  Sadly, our washing machine has given up the ghost, and the verdict of the expert  l called out was - "It's fucked" (said within 5 seconds of him examining it, at a cost of £10 for callout).
Luckily Dazzer and Louise (brother and sister in law) had a spare machine in their garage, but this meant giving Dazzer a hand getting the old one out, bringing the new one in , and then taking the old one to the tip. Much lifting and shifting ensured, accompanied by my moaning and complaining.
However, when we arrived at the tip, it was closed on Wednesdays.  Seeing as this happened on Wednesday, it meant the old washing machine had to come back on the trailer, but much to my gratitude, Dazzer said he would take it to the tip himself the next day, as l was at work.  Hurrah!!
Unfortunately, the bastard fates conspired against me (as they usually do), because when l was driving home from work the next day, l changed my mind about the journey home, and decided to go through Tunstall.  Disastrous error on my part, as l had to pause to let a car through traffic, and it was only Dazzer heading to the tip, so l felt obliged to turn around, follow him, and give him a hand there.  Which l did.  Only now the trailer had lumps of turf in it as well, which resulted in me assisting in unloading it, and working much harder than l intended..
I feel faint just thinking about dirt and the labour involved.  Time for another soak in the bath to wash away the bad memories.
Manual work....Certainly overrated in my book.

toodle pip

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