Tuesday, 9 April 2013

contrasting press photographs - debbie harry and zz top

Both of these photographs are for press and publicity.
That is where the similarity ends, as the Debbie Harry (of Blondie) one oozes sex and punk attitude, whereas the ZZ Top one features three raggedy old blokes coming to your town to scare the crap out of the ladyfolk.
Saying that, l actually like ZZ Top a lot, especially on their early albums, and have seen them on more than one occasion.
On the other hand, if Debbie Harry was appearing nearby as she was in the photograph, l would happily trample 'The Top' (as l call them) down as l made a beeline for her, and sod the southern fried blues based riffola that they might be producing at the time.
After all, I've got eyes.

toodle pip

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