Wednesday, 17 April 2013

bill glover and the local elections

As the local elections are coming up soon, we have been getting leaflets through the old letterbox from the various candidates, including this one from Bill Glover.
I have seen Bill out and about over the years, and say hello when l do see him, but was surprised that l knew so many people in his pamphlet photographs (including some of the in laws).  Bill might also be a fine upstanding gentleman, and have the communities best interests at heart, including the protesting about Green Field development, which l agree with.
On the other hand....
He is a Conservative, who stand for all l hate about politics, and who l would not touch with a pooey stick (unless violently). They look after the rich, are self serving, and will try anything underhand if need be to get into power.
Which brings me to my second point.
The leaflet makes a huge thing about his local involvement with real people, and puts across how normal he is.
It also avoids mentioning that he is a Conservative anywhere in the main 4 pages, and to find out that he is, you have to open the leaflet up fully to check out the inside, which is something that a lot of the public will not do.  I would not normally have done so myself, but l was curious in case there was any more photographs of people l knew. That is something that has obviously been planned in advance, probably with the hope that the casual uneducated, half interested, or blase reader would not link him with the much maligned Government, and maybe vote for him at the elections, as he comes across as a nice caring guy, and 'one of us'.  Richmond is such a safe Tory haven, that he would probably have walked it anyway.  There's a reason William Hague loves it here (apart from living in the mansion that is Brough Hall)
Politicians - most of them are a bunch of sneaky bastards not to be trusted, and they treat us like fucking idiots, so be careful where your vote goes.

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