Monday, 15 April 2013

bad teacher (2011) - jake kasdan

Cameron Diaz is Elizabeth Halsey, the (eponymous?) Bad Teacher from the title, who has to stay on at school when her rich boyfriend ends their engagement. She has little interest in the job or the pupils, and is just after doing as little work as possible and having a good time (who isn't?).  While she is killing time, she is also on the lookout to find and snag another rich man, this time to marry and retire with.  Nerdy and dull substitute teacher Scott Delacorte then arrives on the scene (in the form of Justine Timberlake), and as he is from a very wealthy family, Halsey tries to woo him.  Unfortunately for her, she faces competition from another teacher, the neurotic but dedicated Amy Squirrel, played by Lucy Punch (as though that would have happened in real life).  Deciding to save for a boob job, Halsey then discovers there is a monetary prize for the best class results, so she changes tactics, and decides to win the money by any means possible.  All the while, she herself is being wooed by the gym teacher, who, because of the fact he is just an ordinary joe with no money, she bats off (but of course, grows to like).  Don't bother asking me who she ends up with, l think it wouldn't take much brainpower to work that one out.  There's drug use, swearing a plenty, boob inspecting by Diaz (I thought that was my job), drinking and a general all round bad attitude (once again, my job). A much better film than l anticipated, but although it is not as good as 'Bad Santa', it is still one of the better rom com films out there (although let's face it, that's not saying a lot).

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