Monday, 25 March 2013

the master and margarita

The Master and Margarita is one of my favourite books, and may possibly be my favourite.  Over the Christmas and New Year period, l watched Vladimir Bortko's subtitled 10 part Russian TV series based on it (thanxs to You Tube), and was also mightily impressed with that.  The devil and his crew (including the cat) were great, and there was also plenty of nudity if it began to sag (fnaar fnaar). There was the odd bit of overacting and hamminess, but overall, it told the story just as l would have wished, and certainly did not let the book down. The soundtrack (by Igor Kornelyuk) was also excellent, and that has been downloaded and blasted out on more than one occasion, as you can really immerse yourself in its grandeur (Pretentious? Moi?).
Get me.  You would never think l came from good, hearty, working class stock (and still am)

toodle pip

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