Saturday, 23 March 2013

return of the fishermans blues

Back in the day, l was a big fan of The Waterboys, and when they were on the Fisherman's Blues tours (one of which is above), l followed them around, selling a magazine that l had put together about them (much to Mike Scott's annoyance in the end).  Still one of the best experiences of my life, and l got to see the concerts on numerous occasions, plus plenty of the UK and Ireland. I am still interested in the band, have seen them since, and have only just finished Scott's 'Adventures of a Waterboy'. This, for the most part, was pretty good and interesting, but l got a bit bored towards the end with the Findhorn spiritual adventure (bloody hippies!). It got to be like someone describing their dreams or drug experiences, probably great for them, less so to the listener (or reader).  Then again, that's probably just me (miserable sod that l am).
I  found out today (here) that The Waterboys are to release an anniversary edition of 'Fisherman's Blues' with the original and re-released versions, plus 85 new songs, over 7 cd's.  Furthermore, tickets have just gone on sale for a December tour, revisiting the album and era, and with original members Steve Wickham and Anthony 'Anto' Thistlethwaite on board as backup. That is more than enough, even for an obsessive like myself.
I gave away a load of my magazines outside a show in Liverpool a few years ago, so l think l will try and dig out any remaining copies l can find lying around, and do the same outside this years Liverpool gig (I'm from there).  That is, if l don't get hassled by the security this time.
Bring it on!  All of it!!

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