Saturday, 30 March 2013

out in the boro (again!) - and mink

As it was Good Friday and it was a holiday for most, l went through to Middlesbrough for a lads night out with Robbo, Danny and Matt.  We drank copious amounts of ale,  talked a load of crap, and chilled out, all happy to have a break from work.  We hit some of our usual pubs around the Linthorpe road area, but ended up going to the Mink bar, by which time, everyone was pretty drunk (except me of course).  It was the first time l had been in there, and it was my kind of bar. Dark, plenty of people, live music, and a handy tattoo parlour if the hankering for an immediate tattoo strikes you (and it has me in the past). By then,we were also on the double Jack Daniels, Matty disappeared completely, Danny was told by the bouncers he was going to be thrown out and was refused any more alcohol, and he also disappeared as soon as he went outside. This left me and Robbo as the last men standing (bloody amateurs).  Afterwards, us two got a taxi back to Robbo and Kerry's, which we then had to stop so Robbo could get out of it to throw up, so only one of the hardy crew remained in one piece after the rock and roll madness - me.  l was rather amazingly, up pretty early (7am!) to get some coffee down before heading home, as l have work today and Sunday.  I had also been entrusted with the front door key by Kerry, as she didn't want Robbo losing the key and waking up her, Gill, Cairan or Chloe on our return, which was a success, but l ended up coming back to Catterick with it, as l left it in the back pocket of my jeans afterwards (oops). The girls are going out tonight (sounds like a Take That song), but I'm not sure if the FPO is going through or not, as we have a lot on this weekend.  Mink will certainly be visited again in the future, but l think there may be less Jack Daniels consumed next time.  Oh - Chloe has also taken a bit of a shine to me.  I'm a natural when it comes to youngsters.

Me and Robbo in the taxi home - like a pissed up old married couple (in this case, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton)

toodle pip

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