Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I'm back again! (this time from leeds)

Well, l've finally got around to posting again, and not before time.  Christmas and New Year have long gone, and it's back to the grim reality of life.
While l've been away l haven't read much, but have been watching plenty of TV, going out, and working way too hard. Trying to sort out repairs to our house and life in general, and l also banged and split my head open, resulting in a new and improved man (who still has a cab from the cut).
I have just returned from Leeds, where Robbo and myself went to the comic fair at the Town Hall on Saturday, met my brother Paul (as it was his birthday), and pratted about all day and evening, ending up in the Stone Roses bar, dancing with some Leeds fans, before heading for some samosas and bhajis.  Then it was a taxi home for Paul, and back to the hotel for me and Robbo.  The  hotel room was nothing special (we shared a room), but the hotel itself (Bewleys) was pretty good as far as the bar, stag and hen nights, and lounging around chatting in large leather chairs went, so that suited us down to the ground. They were only messing about (I hope) but I still haven't recovered from seeing Paul and Robbo kissing in one of the gay bars.  A more hideous sight l can't imagine, and l'm sure l will be traumatised and scared for life (even more that l already am).
We returned to meet the girls in Middlesbrough the next day, then went to Cross Keys for a couple of pints and some food, before heading back to sunny Catterick, JT's, then wine, chocolate and food at home, followed by a disturbed night due to somebody snoring (I won't say who). Back to reality now and work again this afternoon, but at least there's the Manchester United against Real Madrid game to look forward to this evening. It's going to be close, and it sure is squeaky bum time.
Life goes on, and it least it is nearly summer.

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