Friday, 22 March 2013

drunken night in with the rolling stones

Myself and the FPO stayed in tonight and knocked back some wine after our chicken soup.  While we were knocking back the wine, we were also prating about to a Rolling Stones compilation which featured the two videos below, both of them magical, but for different reasons.

The Jingles version of The Rolling Stones' 'She's a Rainbow' is done in the style of Oasis, with the front Jingle doing a more than credible Liam Gallagher impression. It's also cool that they are covering one of the lesser known Stones songs (from Their Satanic Majesties Request), so l assume whoever chose to do it must be a fan.

The Wayne Gibson one is from Crackerjack, in front of a bunch of young children, and the subject matter and lyrics couldn't be more out of place if they tried.  Under My Thumb is a real put down of a girl and how she has been made to be submissive and weak.  A treat for any five year old.  What madman booked this, thinking it would be a good idea?  A great Northern Soul classic, and a top Rolling Stones song, but pleas...not in front of the children!

On a related note, l can now do the splits and rest my arm and head on my extended leg while doing so. I'll never walk again, and my scrotum will never be the same, but it was worth it.  To see a martial arts master doing the same, check out the end video of Lou Reed (at 2:48). It's not as easy as it looks.

toodle pip

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