Wednesday, 27 March 2013

charlie's funeral

One of the bad thing about getting old is that everyone starts dying around you, and you end up going to funerals, not weddings, especially if you are an old indestructible git like myself. One of the funerals was yesterday, for Charlie McCabe, Mark from J.T's uncle.  It was held at the packed out St John's Church in Hipswell, and was hardly unexpected, as he had been given six months to live about 4 years ago (he had lung cancer). We all went to The Arc afterwards for some drinks and food, then myself, Rocker, Ritchie, Frenchie and Dave Diamond headed to the wine bar and J'T's later on. There followed drunken games of 'Killer' and then it was home for the footie (a 1-1 yawnfest between England and Montenegro). The actual service was one of the better ones l have been to, as there was hardly any singing to be done, just the one song in fact (Morning Has Broken), as the others were CDs that were played. Not that l sing in church myself you understand, but it's good that there wasn't loads of hymns.

toodle pip

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