Monday, 19 November 2012

the rolling stones bonanza on tv, plus the jingles and wayne gibson

The Jingles - She's a Rainbow

Wayne Gibson - Under my Thumb

There's load of Rolling Stones stuff on TV at the moment (which is bliss for me), and amongst the songs featured on BBC 2's 'Sings the Stones' on Saturday night were these two little beauties.
First off, The Jingles (from Space Pirates) performing 'She's a Rainbow' in the style of Oasis.  The singer/puppet even has the stance (hands behind back, leaning back) of Liam Gallagher.  Excellent stuff.
The other was Wayne Gibson performing 'Under My Thumb' (a Northern Soul classic) on Crackerjack in front of a load of bemused children.  Not sure about the lyrics to the song being appropriate to the TV studio audience, who's average age must have been about 7, but it's a great tune.  Unfortunately l couldn't find the clip from Crackerjack on You Tube, so there's just the song above.  I'll keep searching and update the video when it appears (as it surely will).
Charlie is my Darling is amongst the stuff to be shown this weekend, probably in a lot better quality than the briefly (and probably unofficially) released DVD l bought years ago - Bring it on!

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