Thursday, 15 November 2012

the iron bridge at catterick has been done up

Wow!  I'm amazed!  The old Iron Bridge across the River Swale at Catterick Bridge has been renovated so that it can once again be used to cross the river. It looks like the council (I assume)  might even be making some cycle paths around the area, including over the bridge   It has been closed up for years, and l fully expected it would be pulled down one of these days, but maybe it has been classed as a historic monument, as the old iron parts are still visible on the outside.  It used to take the old Catterick Camp railway line many moons ago, and when l used to work in the Catterick Bridge area, l used to run across it every morning and evening to and from work, but made sure l was very careful as l did so, as there were plenty of gaps in the floor at the time.

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