Monday, 19 November 2012

sound it out (2011) - jeanie finlay

An affectionate look at the only independent record shop in Teeside, Sound it Out (also the name of the shop) featured some oddball characters who all had an addiction for music, some worse than others.  The back stories of some of them were moving, and the documentary also showcased how a shop like this is also a social meeting point, in a town (Stockton on Tees) that has a lot of unemployment and crime, with not a lot to occupy the populace.  There's also appearances by local rappers and bands, plus a return home to Stockton (to play in the shop) by Saint Saviour.  Apart from the bruising on my side from where the FPO was hitting me saying " That's you that is", l enjoyed it a lot, and l could certainly identify (rather too closely) with most of the characters.

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