Sunday, 11 November 2012

ronnie wood is 65

Ageing - it's all in the head and in the clothes.  Ronnie Wood is 65, but dresses (and often acts) like a teenager, and still has a lust for life.  Some might say this is pretty sad, but l think it's pretty commendable the way he still wants to dress fashionably and stay up to date with music, books, fashion and art.  I suspect there is dye applied to the old crows nest on a regular basis (or even some weaves/wig), although l have no proof of that (but l do trust my own eyes and tiny brain).  To me, he looks pretty damn good, certainly much better than my grandparents did at that age (and me at my age).  Then again, l'd look that cheerful and trendy  if l had his money and l was a member of The Rolling Stones.
I say enjoy whatever age you are, you can't turn back the clock, and there's still plenty out there to discover, even if it is old films, books, records etc.

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