Monday, 26 November 2012

keith and charlie photograph, plus the stones docs

I've been watching The Rolling Stones stuff this afternoon that l recorded last night, and although l had already seen most of the stuff shown, there were some great clips that l hadn't had the pleasure of perusing previously.  Dancing With Mr D on The Old Grey Whistle Test, although not one of their finer moments, was one clip, and amongst the photographs new to me, there was this beauty featuring Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, with Keith hamming it up for the camera, but looking pretty cool while doing so.  Effete yet dangerous to hang around - just like l have tried to live my life (as certain people would testify).  I even (allegedly) crashed a car once while arguing that 'I am Keith Richards' and the passenger was 'Bill' (as in Wyman), resulting in me being distracted and writing the car off (although the drink may not have helped).  Not big or clever, but it happened.
Those were the days.    Drink? Tick      Drugs? Tick    Sex and Rock and Roll? Tick   Violence? Tick      Three nights awake?  Tick (but it makes you itchy).
It's a good job l've settled down, as it's not easy putting the hours in.
As for the 'Crossfire Hurricane' documentary, the 25x5 one years ago (1989!!!) was miles better, but it is not available on DVD (but of course l do own a dodgy one).  What they really need is an Anthology series like The Beatles had.  I'd certainly part with my money for one of those, as l'm sure many others would do.
Sort it out.

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