Wednesday, 3 October 2012

zoolander (2001) - ben stiller

I never fancied watching Zoolander in the past, as l thought it looked to be too 'goofy American humour' (if there's such a thing) but l  had so many people going on to me about how good it is, that l finally crumbled.  I'll be the first to admit that l'm glad l did, as it was much, much funnier than l expected.  That's not to say that l found it hilarious or groundbreaking,  but it certainly had lots of amusing moments, and Ben Stiller was more than believable as an air headed model, who is brainwashed to become an assassin (don't ask).  Featuring lots and lots of cameos (such as the great and good David Bowie), and piss takes a plenty of the fashion industry, l can now see what all the fuss was about (only 11 years too late). I've got my finger on the pulse of all the current trends if you ever need advice about clothes and music.  Just page me.

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