Friday, 19 October 2012

wilbur wants to kill himself and circle of eight

Two films that l tried to watch today, but gave up on.  Wilbur is trying to kill himself, but his brother keeps saving him.  He then meets a girl in the bookshop they own, and.... by then l couldn't care less, and wished he had managed an early death, to put us both out of our misery. Based in Scotland, the characters aren't likeable or interesting, and it just stank of dreariness.

As for Circle of Eight, a woman moves into an 'artistic' apartment, which is inhabited by weird, wacky, cool and sexy inhabitants, who soon make themselves known to her.  She hooks up with one of them, but then strange things start to happen.....The consequences of which, l have no idea, as non of it was convincing, most of the characters were two dimensional and annoying, and l was hoping they would all be killed by the end, but there was no way l was going to stick around for another hour to find out if they would make my wish come true.  I did switch over with my fingers crossed, just in case, and full of hope.

Who commissions, makes, and knocks out this crap?  Haven't they got eyes, ears or a brain?

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