Sunday, 28 October 2012

what a super sunday!

What a great day l have had today.  We went to Lolls birthday do at Tunstall last night with Robbo and Kerry (and Cairon), but were home at a decent time because Rook wasn't drinking, so we nabbed a lift home with him and Deb when they left.  Managed to hit the pub first, witness Robbo hurting his ankle falling out of the pub, drink and chat at the party,  then eat about 72 sausage rolls before we left.  All of this and we were still  in time for 'Match of the Day'. Result!
A lazy lie in this morning with the paper was followed by a bath and the two football matches, Everton v Liverpool (2-2) and Chelsea v Manchester United (3-2 to United).  The results and games were great for me, and it was made sweeter by the fact Luis Saurez (we know what you are) had a winning goal disallowed    for Liverpool (hilarious), and Javier Hernandez for United had one stand that was offside (tremendous).  Fernando Torres capped off all the fun by being sent off for diving, in a decision that was surprising (but welcome) even to my blinkered eyes.
Apparently there will be repercussions from the Chelsea game, as Chelsea have reported the referee (Mark Clattenburg) for 'inappropriate' comments he made to two of their players.  If he is found guilty of being racist to them, l wonder if Chelsea fans will start booing the players involved.  I certainly hope they do.
It was such a fun packed day , l nearly forgot to say that l managed to bid on (and win) a load of old Manchester United programmes.  All of this was before l made some cheese pasta for tea (Mmmmmmm)
Altogether now........
Heaven......  I'm in Heaven.....

toodle pip

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