Tuesday, 2 October 2012

the crown in middlesbrough

This is the price Lager should be all of the time.  I picked this up in The Crown in Middlesbrough a week or so ago, as l was so impressed with their prices.  Around Catterick way, a lager is over £3, unless you head to a working mens club such as The Arc at Colburn.  The Crown however, is a large pub with a dance floor, seats, a juke box (and DJ at night), a mixed crowd (aimed at students, but good for old farts like myself), bouncers in case of trouble, and plenty of pool tables.  It used to have a chalk outline of a body on the floor, but this was removed, probably due to people like me lying on it (drugs were often involved).  Anyway, get yourself in there if you end up in Boro and haven't yet been, it's the big pub on the corner on Linthorpe road, which you can't really miss.  It's quiet early on, but that gives you time to chat and hone those magical pool playing skills. I'm saying all of this, and l don't even work for them, so it must be good (and cheap).  There's a door charge later on, though it's not expensive (can't remember how much, as l don't usually pay).  Miles better than the likes of Walkabout etc.  Public service announcement is now over.  Eat this message.

toodle pip

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