Saturday, 13 October 2012

the colburn lodge is still for sale

Thinking about dodgy places (after the last post), this sprang to mind.  The Colburn Lodge, a much loved Catterick and Colburn pub, has been closed for over a year and is still for sale.  It had been bought, but is now back on the market for some reason.  I only hope it was bought with the idea of knocking it down and building residential properties on the site, but the proposal had been rejected.  I, (amongst many others) hope it opens again as a pub, especially with all the new houses being constructed nearby.  It's an iconic landmark around these parts that used to be heaving when Big John ran it and 60 Squadron were based over the road. At the moment, it's just a waste, and probably deteriorating rapidly.  We will have plenty of houses soon, but hardly anywhere to go.  This building should be listed and preserved.

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