Tuesday, 9 October 2012

the bastard government cuts

I get sick of going on about how the current coalition government are screwing over the poor to benefit the rich, while also demonising them along the way, trying to make it appear as though they are all on the scrounge or the fiddle, as there are plenty of jobs out there, and the unemployed and disabled just don't want to work. There are presently talks about stopping Housing Benefit for those under 25.  Along with all the other cuts and red tape being inflicted upon the disadvantaged of the society, what do they really think the outcome will be?  Are they even thinking long term?, or just trying to show how tough they are, to try and gain the right wing votes at the next election, and damn the consequences.  I will predict now, that the more cuts there are, the more homelessness, substance abuse and crime figures will rise, and the children of those affected will also suffer and repeat the cycle, costing the county  more, not just in the wasted lives, but in the real financial cost of cleaning up the mess. Don't start complaining when your car is broken into, your house is burgled, or you are mugged in the street, because there are not enough jobs or low cost housing, people still need food, shelter and warmth (or an escape through substances), and they will find the money for that one way or another. That is without taking into consideration any demonstrations or riots.  All this while the tax for the rich is cut.  Bunch of bastards, all of them.
The cartoon is from The Observer, Sunday 6th October.

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