Tuesday, 2 October 2012

sunderland v manchester united 2010

Time is certainly flying by.  I went to this game exactly two years ago, but it certainly doesn't feel like that amount of time has passed.  It was a 0-0 draw, l ended up going by myself as Robbo ended up not being able to go, and l also got a parking ticket as (my own fault) l left my car on the grass outside of the Sunderland supporters pub outside the ground (despite the warnings about tickets). The price you have to pay to be cool.   I may well be (OK, I am) an arse, but l am seriously debating whether to bother with the Newcastle United v Manchester United game this weekend.  It will be about £40 (or more) for a ticket, add on drinks and travel to up the cost, plus it's also on Sky, where l can watch it from the comfort of my settee with crisps and ale, and then hit the pub afterwards.  I think the ticket prices nowadays are taking the piss, but l will also probably have to go in the Newcastle end, as l haven't got a ticket for the Manchester United away end.  This means it's not so atmospheric and much less fun, and to top it all, you have to (generally) keep quiet about being a United fan.  Last year it pissed it down and Manchester United got beat, so is it really worth it?  I think if an away end ticket or two materialises, l'll go, otherwise, my (limited nowadays) trips to matches may be coming to an end (apart from special occasions).  It's not like the old days.   I remember when you could just turn up with your pocket money on a whim (good bikes),  pay on the gate, indulge yourself with a programme and bovril, and still have enough left for a bag of chips and scraps on the way home.  Kids today don't know nothing blah blah blah etc etc ......

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